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SafeMine is necessary to collect and structure the local available knowledge on Mine Health and Safety (MHS) within the EU. Compilation of best‐practice‐strategies in form of a comprehensive course for academic education conduces to familiarize and sensitize future leaders within the academic education with all relevant topics of modern occupational safety and risk management in European context. Besides taught contents, the participants will benefit from mutual exchange of experiences they make in their research projects. Systematic feedback from the industrial partners will foster their work and ensure practical relevance for Europe’s raw materials community.

The project and PhD‐Programme SafeMine is expected to provide impact on three levels:

1) Train the next wave of qualified professionals who can lead the future of health and safety work in the European mining and tunnelling industry.

2) Generation of new scientific knowledge about health and safety through industrial‐driven research conducted by the PhD‐students.

3) Fostering European cooperation and an improved exchange of experiences and knowledge. Through a continuous further development and enhancement of SafeMine beyond the duration of the project additional long‐term impacts can be achieved.