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Project Objectives

SafeMine aims to train the next wave of qualified professionals who can lead the future of health and safety work in the European mining industry based on a modern view of how an attractive mine should be designed. SafeMine PhD students will be recruited from all over Europe and internationally from KIC key regions. Based on the long‐term experience and expertise of SafeMine project partners, covering complementary skills and parts of the knowledge triangle, the project comprises the development and preparation of the PhD‐ Programme SafeMine and the kick‐off in the subsequent pilot implementation phase. Due to a well balanced composition of the consortium with partners from industry and university, SafeMine has a clear focus on current industry challenges.


For the development of the curriculum and course content and to guarantee a vital and high‐quality discussion and evaluation process four workshops at the different locations of the university partners will be performed throughout the project.


During the pilot implementation phase SafeMine will start with the first cohort of in total 4 PhD students (one at each university) and two one‐week‐courses. These initial courses foster the professional exchange and networking between the PhD students, SafeMine Management and additional industrial partners.


Following development steps would intend to continue the pilot implementation in year 2 and year 3, to enhance the Phd student numbers at the partners universities as well as opening the programme to PhD students from other universities, to prepare SafeMine for accreditation, (national) certification and EIT labelling as well as to enhance SafeMine to a professional programme fostering lifelong learning activities.