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The Challenge

The demand for a holistic and resilient PhD‐Programme in Mine Health and Safety (MHS) is driven by the following challenges and needs:


  • The health and safety of employees and operation should have the highest priority for mining companies.
  • Providing safe and attractive workplaces in mining operations is essential for responding to the skills crisis in the mining sector.
  • Research and mining education activities at different universities are mainly addressing different aspects to mining, often based on the local conditions and therefore local industry. The inner‐European exchange of experience is at best limited to professional subgroups.
  • There is a big linguistic diversity related to Mine Health and Safety within the European Union. Therefore existing programmes and content remain locked as it is mainly in local language. The inner‐European exchange of experience is at best confined to limited language groups.
  • There is no joint European PhD‐Programme with a holistic and international approach in Mine Health and Safety.

For addressing above mentioned challenges and needs such a holistic approach is necessary and important. SafeMine would unlock this potential by bringing different mining aspects, subdisciplines and specialisations under one joint programme.